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College planning


If you’re looking for assistance in navigating the college admissions and application microcosm and disentangle fact from fiction, you’ve found a home with us. Whitehead Learning Group clients regularly meet one-on-one (as early as Freshman year) to ensure a smooth and successful college application process. We advise our students on standardized testing, high school course loads, extracurriculars, and whether stockpiling 3,000 hours of community service really gives students an advantage.

The college application process looks vastly different than it used to—online applications, supplemental essays, campus tours, interviews, aptitude tests, letters of recommendation, FAFSA, financial aid, scholarship searches, “demonstrated interest,” a rigorous course schedule, hours of community service, dedication to extracurriculars, and Naviance prowess. This process can be overwhelming, causing stress and confusion. That’s where we come alongside you.


College Admissions Consulting Packages


FreshmAn FOCUS

A 2005 study by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) discovered that the average college counselor spends just 38 minutes with each student altogether over the course of four years in high school.

What if the college discovery process was personal?

What if this self-reflective time of goal-setting could identify your child’s needs?

What if you had both personal and virtual support with a coach and mentor?

What if the entire process could be different?

This package is designed for the rising or current 9th-grade student who desires an edge in the college planning process. By beginning the process early, the student has the opportunity to navigate and strategize for the upcoming high school years. This package is an annual commitment which includes four in-person strategic meetings to leverage the student’s academic potential to identify learning styles and goals, evaluate curricular scopes and PSAT/SAT/ACT timelines, review extracurricular and athletic activities, strategically navigate summer program planning, applications, and internships opportunities, and plan for sophomore year course selection. Find out more.

sophomore strategies

The high school season can be filled will excitement and growth, yet, often anxiety. During arguably one of the most transformational times in a student’s life, families are yearning for qualified experts on their student’s personal advisory board. We build confidence and offer guidance specifically catered to your sophomore’s interests, experiences, learning style, school, and career goals.

This package is tailored or the rising 10th-grade student who yearns for a head start in the college planning process. By beginning early, the student has the outlook to explore interests and passions and navigate extracurricular opportunities to find affirmation in a potential discipline or major. This package is an annual commitment that includes ongoing evaluation of transcript and curricular scopes, PSAT/SAT/ACT timelines, “good match” colleges and universities, summer program planning and internship opportunities, and junior year course selection. Find out more.



junior jumpstart

A 2005 NACAC study found that the average public school counselor has a growing caseload of 482 students.

This package is tailored specifically to ensure a smooth and successful college application process for rising 11th-graders. We work directly with students to analyze all elements of their college applications—from refining their “good match” college list and arranging tours and interviews to developing rapport with admissions representatives and coaches. We offer ongoing evaluation of high school transcript and AP classes, extracurricular activities, and internships, develop a strategic ACT/SAT timeline, provide assessment tools for potential majors and career plans, resume building, preview college applications and requirements, and offer strategic guidance about summer internships and volunteer programs, Early Decision/Early Action track, financial aid resources, and interview preparation. Find out more.


Senior success

Fall submissions account for 60% of annual application total (Washington Post, 2019).

This package is intentionally designed to partner with rising 12th-graders. We work directly with seniors to narrow the college list to final choices, ensuring a combination of safety, target, and reach schools, and strategize meaningful visits and tours, including interview preparation. We offer an explanation of “demonstrated" interest,” and an execution of appropriate, timely, targeted strategies, discuss financial aid options including FAFSA workshop, build Naviance resume, select recommendation letter contributors, finalize ACT/SAT timeline, provide assessment tools for potential majors and career plans, explain the benefits of Early Decision/Early Action track and strategize accordingly. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons as you make your final decision and provide you with opportunities with connect with alumni, current students, administrators, and faculty at the colleges on your student’s list. Through graduation and beyond, we’ll assist both student and family with the entire transition-to-college process. Find out more.


college essay comprehensive package

Looking for help with developing or polishing your college essay(s), application supplements, or school personal statement? Then our comprehensive essay packages (both in-person and virtual options) are for you. This program offers complete essay writing support throughout a student’s senior year to position them to submit dynamic essays.  Here, we’ll navigate students in finding essay material, anecdotes, and stories to discover which essay question best suits their unique writing style and personal voice. From the brainstorming stages to pressing “submit,” we’ll equip your student with tools to understand what makes a successful admissions essay, how to avoid overused topics, and most importantly, how to demystify Common App's mystifying personal statement and UC’s cryptic personal insight questions, guiding your student every step of the way. We remain accessible to students from start to finish, ensuring a smooth, effective essay process. This package includes virtual support before and after each in-person session. Find out more.

Financial aid consulting package


For families who are interested in pursuing financial aid options, negotiations, advocacy, and scholarship research, we recommend our Financial Aid Consulting Package. Following an initial in-person consultation, we gather the information to better understand your family's financial aid landscape. By aggregating the data, we’re then able to research possible options and provide an estimate in potential scholarship gifts in a customized report that list available financial aid avenues, including: Eligible scholarships, how/when/where/why to access them, how/when to apply for scholarships, how/when to file a FAFSA, how scholarships affect any predetermined student aid offers, how to negotiate the money you deserve by including the must-haves in a financial aid appeal letter. We offer a variety of tailored packages to come alongside you and your student and ultimately, to make your money work for you. Find out more.

Class of 2023 College Acceptances:

Auburn University (Rolling - 84% )

Boston University (32.6%; 1 of 5 Posse Foundation Scholarship Finalists)

Bowdoin College (11%)

California Polytechnic State University (27.2%)

Chapman University - Film Program (EA: 8% - Merit Scholarship Recipient)

Emerson College (49% - Merit Scholarship Recipient)

Emory University (15%)

Georgia Institute of Technology (23%)

Harvey Mudd College (13%)

New York University (3% - Screenwriting)

Northwestern University (6%)

Santa Clara University (48.8%)

Sarah Lawrence University (53.4%, Merit Scholarship Recipient)

Sewanee: The University of the South (40.7%)

Scripps College (27.9%)

Texas Christian University (38%)

Wellesley College (29.9%)

University of Alabama (53%)

University of Alabama at Birmingham (60.4%)

University of California: San Diego (30.2%)

University of California: Santa Barbara (32.3%)

University of California: Davis (41.2%)

University of Georgia (48%; Honors College - 10%)

University of Kentucky (89.1%)

University of Louisville (75%)

University of North Carolina (23.7%; Morehead-Cain Semi-Finalist)

University of Redlands  (67.5%; Achievement Award Recipient)

University of Southern California (1 of 33 Accepted into Film and Television Program at School of Cinematic Arts; 11% Undergrad Admissions)

University of South Carolina (64%)

University of Tennessee (76.3%)

University of Texas (36%)